The Louisa May Alcott Society  

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Membership in the Louisa May Alcott Society runs from June 1 through May 31. Annual dues are $10. We are also happy to offer a life membership for $250.

Payments can be handled in one of two ways:

1) PAYPAL: Send your payment to the Louisa May Alcott Society through PayPal. Protect your sensitive financial information by handling your transactions via the secure PayPal payment channel. You can pay with a major credit card or you can debit your PayPal account. Either way, you can make payments in your local currency, and we receive your dues in our local currency.  None of your financial information is disclosed to the Society; we will receive a report including only your name, your dues payment amount, and the date that you made the payment. 
To renew your annual membership and/or make a donation to the Society, please click on  the yellow link below:


2) CHECK: You are welcome to mail your payment to us by check or international draft denominated in US Dollars. Please mail your $10 check, made payable to the Louisa May Alcott Society, with the completed form below to: Melissa Pennell, Department of English, University of Massachusetts Lowell, 61 Wilder Street, Lowell, MA 01854. 

Remember to make checks payable to “The Louisa May Alcott Society.”

Also, please make sure we have your correct name, mailing address and email address. Thanks!

Louisa May Alcott Society Membership Form

NAME: ___________________________________________________

ADDRESS: ________________________________________________

EMAIL ADDRESS: ___________________________________________

RENEWAL: _______           NEW MEMBER: _______

Payment enclosed for 2018-19 ________

Payment enclosed for 2018-19 and future years (please specify): _______________

Payment enclosed for 2018-19 and a donation of __________

____ I prefer to opt out of belonging to the LMA Society listserv. 

Please mail your check made payable to the Louisa May Alcott Society, with this completed form to:

Melissa Pennell
Department of English
University of Massachusetts Lowell
61 Wilder Street
Lowell, MA 01854