Alcott Readers and Pilgrims of All Ages!

Kris Klotz and Laurel Petrulionis visit, July 2017

John Matteson with NEH Summer Institute director and scholars, July 2017

Students in Sandy Petrulionis's senior English seminar pose with their copies of Little Women, after a rousing skype class led by the editors of their Norton classic Little Women, Professors Greg Eiselein (founding society member) and Anne Phillips (current society President).

At age six months, the Society's first life member, Catherine Frances Gallagher, is engrossed in Alcott's most famous novel (2013).

Now age four, Catherine Gallagher holds her prized first edition set of Little Women!

Society member Susan Bailey has blogged about Louisa May Alcott for many years and credits her love affair with the family, beginning at age 10, with a children's biography on Louisa by Joan Howard.
Member Greg Eiselein and President Anne Phillips on their first trip to Orchard House in Concord.
Society Member Susan Bailey (in pigtails) visits Orchard House with her family a few years back.

Louisa herself welcomes members to Orchard House, to celebrate the Society's 10th anniversary in May 2015!
Treasurer Melissa Pennell and President Sandy Petrulionis toast the Society's 10th anniversary (May 2015)
Society member Lauren Rizzuto, happy with her find at members' book donation during our 10th anniversary celebration (May 2015)