Welcome to the Louisa May Alcott Society!

Formed in 2005, the Louisa May Alcott Society offers the opportunity for both scholars and friends to study and appreciate the life and works of Louisa May Alcott. An American Literature Association-allied organization, the LMA Society sponsors panels and other activities at its annual meetings. For information about other Alcott-focused entities, including Orchard House, the Concord museum and home of the Alcotts, the Facebook group dedicated to Alcott, and other resources, please visit " Helpful Links ." For information about the Society, please contact Society President Gregory Eiselein at .   

Alcott's Hidden Critics: The Secret Reviews of Little Women

Lorraine Tosiello and Susan Bailey are seeking help on a project to uncover and preserve readers' responses to Little Women . It is called "Alcott's Hidden Critics: The Secret Reviews of Little Women ." The first wave of reader response was lost since Louisa May Alcott destroyed her fan mail. In an effort to preserve the ongoing legacy of reader responses, they want to send out a call for fans to examine their own letters and journals, school projects, fan fiction, etc., as well as from family and friends, for mentions of Little Women . We'd like to archive the findings on our LMA Society's website, so that anyone can access it for future research or just for fun. Additionally, this project's more formal research component would search diaries of young women for mention of Little Women that are archived in historical societies and universities. They seek your help on three fronts: to join the effort to ransack attics and basements for documents with menti

Orchard House's Summer Conversational Series 2021

Orchard House has now posted this year’s Summer Conversational Series (SCS) schedule and registration on its website . You will notice on the schedule that they are still trying to finalize the Sunday panel session speakers and topic, but everything else is there.  Please consider joining them this year, and please promote the Summer Conversational Series 2021 to family, friends, and colleagues! In the spirit of Bronson Alcott’s original plan for SCS when he founded it in 1879, they are sure to stimulate lively conversations and camaraderie among all participants.