Presentation of Sarah Elbert Travel Grants

At the 2022 American Literature Association Conference in Chicago, the Louisa May Alcott Society announced the winners of the 2022 Sarah Elbert Travel Grants. 

Alcott Society Treasurer Sarah Wadsworth presented travel grant awards to Jaclyn Carver (PhD Student, University of Iowa), to share her research on Hospital Sketches, and to Max Laitman Chapnick (PhD Student, Boston University), to share information on the discovery of previously unattributed Alcott pieces from the 1850s. 

Raffaella Cavalieri (Independent Scholar, Fiorentino, Italy) was also awarded an Elbert Travel Grant to present at the Where in the World is Louisa May Alcott Panel at the Thoreau Gathering in Concord in July.

Sarah Elbert Travel Grants are supported financially by the Society and its members and donors, are meant to encourage Alcott scholarship and to honor the career and memory of Sarah Elbert, a literary historian whose important research charted exciting new paths for Alcott scholarship.

With pride and enthusiasm, the Society congratulates the winners of this inaugural cohort of grant recipients. 

Jaclyn Carver with Sarah Wadsworth

Max Chapnick with Sarah Wadsworth